We are available 24/7 with an airline way of thinking.

We speak English, French, Spanish and German.

Founded by Bob van 't Woud in 2013, International Airline Partners (I.A.P.) developed from a single staff operation to a small independent GSSA of 07 staff members, by the acquisition of VIA Netherlands in 2016.

I.A.P. development was supported by a strong European network, which enable us to find out of the box solutions for our airlines and the European forwarding community.

In 2020 a new strategic step was taken, signing a joint venture with AATA (founded in 1989)

What we do offer

  • Absolute independence
  • Dedicated office for new airlines
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer ServicesS
  • Flight Supervision
  • Trucking
  • Handling Supervision
  • Customs Support
  • Accounting
  • ULD Control
  • 24/7 availability